MASS Students ’18-19

Erika Becker

Moderators of the Effects of Neuroticism on Marital Communication and Satisfaction

Brenda Cervantes

Debunking Cultural Deficit Theories: An Analysis of Parental Involvement Among Low Income Families

Rachel Chernick

Suicidality Among Youth: An Analysis of the Culture of Hyper-Productivity and Emphasis on External Success

Jason Cho

Factors Influencing Digital Training

Kijhé Combs

The Push Out and Exclusion of Little Black Girls: An Analysis of the School to Prison Pipeline

Emma Cones

What In The 8% is Going on Here: Black Vote Choice for the Republican Party in Presidential Elections ’92 – 2016

Brock Grecco

Out of the Closets and into The Coteries: A Model of Intra-Community Stigma Among Young Gay and Bisexual Men

Joy Guey

Leveling Up: Exploring the Effects of Parenting and Increased Gaming on Mental Health

James Hackett-Little

Theatrical Diversity Reporting: Understanding Racial Diversity Disenfranchisement in American Theatre

Ashley Hightower

The Need for Migrant Voices in Academic Research on Environmental Migration

Eve Hu

The Impact of Educated Youth on Rural Education in China

Liana Kwan

Characteristics of Sex Education

Lei Luo

Persistent exclusion in India: Examining the influence of demographic and socioeconomic factors on untouchability

Harper Ma

The Role of Material and Love in Chinese Women’s Choice of Marriage

Corinne Marquez

Are New Urbanist Communities Antifragile? An Analysis of Morphological, Regulatory, and Sociodemographic Dimensions

Young Soo Noh

How we Discern Facts from Opinions: The Psychology of Understanding Social Events

Joseph Preston

Describing the College Experience of Student Athletes

Christa Shelmon

#BlackGirlMagic?: An Analysis of How Black Women are Depicted in Contemporary Media

Hannah Stoppelmann

Examining the Glass Ceiling for Female Entrepreneurs

Daniel Theodore

Marginalizing the Marginalized: The Control of the Black Body and Its Ramifications

Emily Towner

Risk or Resilience: The Interaction Between Early and Current Life Stress

Flor Vindel

Street Gangs in Los Angeles: A Descriptive Study on Female Gang Members’ Experiences